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“If you do not know which port you want to sail to, no wind is favorable”

Productivity and competitiveness depend upon information, technologies and knowledge, which arise as a result of innovation.

For this reason, the plenary session of the Cabildo has approved the strategic plan for innovation and employment for Fuerteventura 2018-2021, to fight against unemployment and to improve the competitiveness of the island.

The mision of our administration is to contribute to research and innovation, and to create a favorable environment for the establishment of a technological innovation culture. 

This strategic plan for innovation and employment has among other objectives:

  • Adopt a preventive approach to unemployment, especially long-term unemployment
  • Ensure adequate policies of labor integration to groups which have greater difficulty to get inserted in the labor market.  
  • Fostering entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurial spirit

The need for this strategic plan is justified, and its main actions will be, among others:

  • Launch the initiative ” Fuerteventura Open iSland “
  • Consolidate the growth of the Technological park of Fuerteventura
  • Facilitate attraction of investors and innovative projects


All this to make Fuerteventura a value-generating territory, which can generate social welfare, social cohesion and cultural creativity.


Results of the strategic Plan for Innovation and employment

As a result of this plan, we put among others as an example, the establishment of a Professional Training School from Majada Marcial CIFP in order to training in technological areas in The technological park of Fuerteventura, as well as the establishment of the School of Art in Fuerteventura

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