Portal de Internet de Parque Tecnológico de Fuerteventura SA, MP

Training in a pure state

The technological park of Fuerteventura is not only a physical structure that serves as the headquarters of various companies and startups of the island and Spain, it is also an ecosystem of innovation and development.

The Fuerteventura Technology Park is therefore committed to the training and growth of participants within their own community and Fuerteventura in general. Within the facilities take place different courses and formations oriented towards the more complete development of the entrepreneurship and the Entrepeneur

Some formations are dictated especially by the companies involved, reaffirming the park’s commitment to business growth.

Other trainings are directly given by the participating companies, mostly active companies and participants in their branches, with a lot to share with the other companies in the park and the general public.

Finally, the park opens its doors to papers from all over Spain and Europe, so that the participating companies and anyone who wants to join learn about languages, environmental management, business and personal administration, languages, legal framework, marketing Digital and any other disciplines that lead to the consolidation and growth of entrepreneurship projects.

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