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PARQUE TECNOLOGICO DE FUERTEVENTURA, S.A. MP (hereinafter, PTFSA), NIF: A76069277, Address: Old airport of tobacconists S/N, municipality of Puerto del Rosario, Province of Las Palmas and Postal code 35612, Fuerteventura, Phone: + 34 928 856 602, Email: protecciondatos@ptfue.com, in accordance with the legislation in force regarding the protection of personal data, makes it known to the users of the Web page https://sede.ptfue.com/ (hereinafter, the page) the Privacy Policy and data protection that will apply in the processing of personal data that the user voluntarily facilitates when accessing your website.

The user, by providing PTFSA with his personal data through electronic forms on the Web, contact section or in the User Registration section of the private area of the page and, where appropriate, by marking the corresponding box of a Ceptación expressly consents that PTFSA can deal with these data in the terms of this privacy and data protection policy clause and for the purposes expressed herein.

PTFSA makes it known to the users of the page that their personal data can only be obtained for their treatment when they are appropriate, pertinent and not excessive in relation to the scope and the specific, explicit and legitimate purposes for that have been obtained. They will be cancelled when they are no longer necessary or relevant for that purpose or when requested by the holder in the exercise of his right of cancellation.

PTFSA expresses its commitment to comply with the legislation in force at any time in terms of data protection.

The personal data provided will be treated by the PTFSA and will be used in accordance with the following information.

What personal data do we collect and what do we use them for?

· Data collected directly: by the voluntary filling of the contact form, high user in the private area to be able to send documentation through the electronic registry, check tickets in the park entrance log, consult the Current data of the user, and the communication consultation sent by the park to let him know an administrative decision.

· Data collected indirectly through the use of cookies: for statistics, to analyze the use that is made of our page and to provide services of added value as the map of location of our offices.

In the table below you will find more detailed information about the treatment of your personal data, including the following captions:

· Main purposes: identifies with what purpose we need to collect your data, ie, why we treat your information.

· Legitimation: The reason that enables us to be able to deal with your data is detailed.

· Shelf-life: Identifies the specific period of conservation or the criteria that determine the term.

· Recipients: We identify, where appropriate, who we will share your data in a legitimate way.

· Rights of the interested parties: we inform you of the rights that assist you as interested in the treatment of your personal data.


Responsible for the

Treatment PARQUE TECNOLÓGICO DE FUERTEVENTURA, S.A. MP. NIF: A76069277. Place Old airport of tobacconists S/N, municipality of Puerto del Rosario, Province of Las Palmas and zip code 35612, Fuerteventura. Phone: + 34 928 856 602. Email: protecciondatos@ptfue.com

Finalities ü Contact Form: Address the request for information requested through the contact form. ü User high in the private area of the technology park. ü The person in charge with the purpose of offering the best service and in order to facilitate the use, analyzes the number of pages visited, the number of visits, as well as the activity of the visitors and their frequency of use. For this purpose, the person responsible uses the statistical information developed by the Internet service provider.

Legitimation and

Conservation the basis for the processing of data is the consent given by the user when marking the acceptance box (s). The fields of the contact form marked with an asterisk (*) have the consideration of fields necessary to manage the object of this one. If you do not provide them, you will not be able to meet your request. Please refer to our cookie policy for information on the cookies necessary for the operation of the Web. ü The contact details will be retained for the time necessary to attend to your consultation or to manage the purpose for which they are collected, as well as to the purpose to meet possible liabilities arising from these purposes, as well as the deadlines established In the rules of archives and documentation. In cases where consent has been obtained until it is revoked. ü Check our Cookie policy to identify the validity of each cookie. ü The data associated with its interaction in the corporate profiles of social networks will be retained during the period that you enable in this social network to your publications.

Destinatarios de cesiones y transferencias internacionales ü No se han previsto cesiones de sus datos a terceros, salvo obligación legal, o las informadas en los diferentes formularios a tenor de la finalidad expresada. El Responsable puede hacer transferencias internacionales de datos en los siguientes términos, adoptando garantías adecuadas que permitan la seguridad de los datos y la garantía de sus derechos siendo las mismas necesarias para la gestión de la relación ü La Empresa contrata su infraestructura virtual según un modelo de “computación en la nube” a través de Amazon Web Services y al amparo del acuerdo EU-US Privacy Shield. – Información disponible: https://www.privacyshield.gov/participant?id=a2zt0000000TOWQAA4 ü La Empresa contrata su infraestructura virtual según un modelo de “computación en la nube” de la Entidad Dropbox, Inc. al amparo del acuerdo EU-US Privacy Shield. Información disponible en: https://www.privacyshield.gov/participant?id=a2zt0000000GnCLAA0&status=Active ü La Empresa hace uso de los “Servicios en Línea para empresas” de Microsoft Corporation con herramientas como Office 365, al amparo del acuerdo EU-US Privacy Shield. Información disponible: https://www.privacyshield.gov/participant?id=a2zt0000000KzNaAAK&status=Active ü Responsables de servicios de analítica web: La Página tiene habilitados los servicios de Google Analytics prestados por Google LLC. La interacción con los usuarios por el uso de dicha herramienta implica la transferencia internacional de datos, de tipo analítico y técnico en relación con la Página. La transferencia se realiza al amparo del acuerdo EU-US Privacy Shield. – Información disponible en: https://www.privacyshield.gov/participant?id=a2zt000000001L5AAI ü Titulares de redes sociales: PTFSA utiliza redes sociales. La interacción con los usuarios por el uso de dichos perfiles o herramientas implica la transferencia internacional de datos (de tipo analítico y técnico) a los servidores de la red social.

Derechos de los

interesados ü Cualquier persona tiene derecho a obtener información sobre si en esta Entidad se están tratando sus datos personales o no. Las personas interesadas tienen DERECHO A ACCEDER a sus datos personales, al plazo de conservación de sus datos, e incluso a obtener una copia de los datos objeto del tratamiento. ü Asimismo, tienen DERECHO DE RECTIFICACIÓN de los datos si son inexactos. (Por ejemplo, puede solicitar una rectificación de su domicilio, un cambio de nombre, etc.) ü Los interesados tienen DERECHO A LA LIMITACIÓN del tratamiento, para ello deberán de solicitarlo al responsable, el cual deberá de suspender el tratamiento de los datos cuando los ciudadanos soliciten la rectificación o supresión de sus datos, hasta que se resuelva su solicitud. ü Los interesados podrán ejercer el DERECHO DE SUPRESIÓN (derecho al olvido) siempre que se den las circunstancias enumeradas en el RGPD.

El usuario será el único responsable de la veracidad de los datos facilitados a PTFSA.

PTFSA adopta las medidas de índole técnica y organizativa necesarias para garantizar la seguridad de los datos de carácter personal contenidos en los mismos y para evitar su alteración, pérdida, tratamiento o acceso no autorizado, habida cuenta del estado de la tecnología, la naturaleza de los datos y los riesgos a los que están expuestos.

La Página dispone del Certificado SSL (Secure Socket Layer) de la entidad Camerfirma, con la finalidad de garantizar la seguridad en la transmisión de datos entre su navegador y nuestra Página.

El servidor seguro establece una conexión de modo que la información se transmite cifrada, que aseguran que solo sea inteligible para el dispositivo del usuario y el de la Página. In this way, using the SSL protocol ensures:

ü The user is communicating their data to the server center of the page and not to any other.

ü That between the user and the page the data are transmitted encrypted, avoiding its possible reading or manipulation by third parties.

The client can verify that the address of the page begins with https://

ü The affected person may exercise the RIGHT OF OPPOSITION to the treatment, always for reasons related to his personal situation, with the exception of which it is credited a legitimate interest, or is necessary for the exercise or defense of claims. Likewise, when the treatment is aimed at direct marketing. ü The person concerned shall have the right to PORTability to obtain the data in a structured format, of common use and of mechanical reading, and to transmit it to another person in charge of the treatment when the treatment is based on the consent or is made by means Automated ü The interested parties may exercise the rights listed in the preceding paragraphs, through the forms available at the electronic headquarters of this entity that are provided below or by sending a letter to the same, attaching a copy Accreditation of identity document, by post or in the email address: protecciondatos@ptfue.com Electronic processing address: https://ptfue.sedelectronica.es/dossier.6?x=p1YSpUwbbF00iOcFQ5IAO * 0FGgNbhoTvcPqfHaRy89tUpDE9-HgPb-nSrTWpxhB3zMITzn52svv2j3A17p5ERmVVWdjEpGtm interested parties have the right to withdraw the consent provided. The interested parties may lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority in the field of competent data protection, especially where they have not received satisfaction in the exercise of their rights, by writing to the Spanish Agency for the protection of Data, C/Jorge Juan N º 6, 28001 Madrid or by accessing its electronic headquarters: https://sedeagpd.gob.es/sede-electronica-web/

You can also identify the page as secure by clicking on the padlock that appears in your browser’s address bar. Finally, you can also check the presence of the SSL certificate checking the properties of the page in your browser, for which you should consult the characteristics of the same in