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The new technology park standard for the installation of companies comes into force

Since June 20th, the new authorization rule for the use or exploitation of goods and rights of the Fuerteventura Technology Park comes into force, which will facilitate the implementation of companies and entrepreneurs, reducing paperwork and providing new guarantees.

PTFSA’s social purpose, among others, stimulates and promotes the creation, implementation and development of companies related to the knowledge economy, through the promotion of a technological park, as well as its promotion, management, exploitation, acquisition of the complementary buildings located in that park; the sale, assignment and award by any title, any type of property, plots or land, managing its exploitation; the promotion, management and marketing of the premises and services developed by the company; invitation, selection and settlement in the park of innovative companies, research entities, development, innovation, single production, surveillance, protection, valorization, transfer and dissemination of technology, as well as the marketing and provision of services to installed entities.

The new rule aims to lay down the conditions, requirements and procedures to be followed by PTFSA to authorize third parties to use or exploit their property or rights, in accordance with their demanian property or property regime, for the development of activities, projects or initiatives within the scope of their social purpose.

You can find the new regulations on the bulletin board of the Authority electronic site (“Sede Electrónica”) or by downloading it below