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“INVEST IN SPAIN” call is open to get support for R&D activities of foreign companies located in Spain

“Invest In Spain” call has been published. With this call foreign companies can get aid for R&D activities

The aid in the form of a subsidy is intended to encourage the development of new research and development activities by companies with foreign capital that are established or planned to be established in Spain. For this purpose, a company with foreign capital is a company in which foreign direct investment (EdI) accounts for at least 10 of its capital. Foreign Direct Investment is the person made by a legal person domiciled abroad or by a natural person not resident in Spain, provided that such investment represents at least 10 of the share capital of the applicant mentioned. In addition, the requirement of having a foreign direct investment greater than 10 shall be deemed to be satisfied not only where such investment has been made directly in the applicant’s capital, but also where that percentage of foreign investment is reached indirectly, by participating in the capital of a third entity which in turn participates in the capital of the applicant undertaking.

The amount of the aid may amount to an overall maximum of EUR 200 000 per beneficiary in any period of three consecutive fiscal years (De minimis Aid Regulation) and shall be a percentage of the investment made (Community Framework on State R&D&I grants (2014/C 198/01).

The activities for which the aid is granted must be carried out by 31 December 2019 in one or more of the following Autonomous Communities: Extremadura, the Canary Islands, Castilla la Mancha, Murcia and Galicia.

The deadline for applying for aid ends on 22 July.