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Acceleration Program for Start ups in the Canary Islands

The joint Archipelago Next and connector program


The Start UPS Accelerator created by Carlos Blanco, Startup Accelerator connector, and the first Investment fund created in the Canary Islands for start ups technology, Next Canary Archipelago,

Open the first edition of its Joint Acceleration Program in the Canary Islands.

With an endowment of up to €30,000, the project seeks to encourage the creation and transfer of startups to the Canary Islands as well as providing an opportunity for those companies already established in the Canaries who want to grow.

Until 24 June, entrepreneurs who are interested in participating can submit their candidacies through the website of the program: https://www.conector.com/programas/programas-abiertos/archipelago-next-acelera/

Eight start up Canary Islands, will be Seleecionadasof all the startups of technology based, digital, innovative and seed phase that already have a team and at least a prototype

In addition, they have about 5 scholarships of €4,000 to subsidize the displacement and stay to the entrepreneurs, who will grant according to the criteria of the organizers.

Find out more about the program in this interview

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