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Canarian Parliament Agreement 19-21 February 2019

The Canary Islands Parliament urges the Canary Islands Government to continue to develop the growth strategy Intelligent and increase their collaboration with institutions and universities to give greater support to research, Development and innovation in our islands, giving priority to projects that have a social application or That reinforce the competitiveness of our economy and the generation of employment.


Likewise, in terms of research and innovation, within the impetus of R & D & I policies and maintenance of human resources, the Canary Islands Parliament urges the Government to:

  • Increase the funding of R & D and I policies in the coming years, since the Achievement of the objectives related to this area require a wide period of maturation, in addition to Substantially improve the implementation of appropriations earmarked for this purpose which, from the year 2009 to 2018, They’ve always been a 50 below the Spanish average.
  • To maintain the human resources currently dedicated by the CAC to the R + D + I, which have not stopped diminishing in recent years.

On the other hand, the Canary Islands Parliament urges the Canary Islands Government to complete the elaboration and approval of a Canarian strategy of blue economy, with the participation of the canary universities, experts, scientists and Research organizations, as well as economic operators, to analyze growth opportunities Economy linked to the marine environment, tourism, aquaculture, fisheries, ports, the environment and Sustainability, among others.

To this end, the Canary Islands Parliament urges the Government of the Canary Islands to continue to promote, in the field of its Competences, and with the purpose of advancing the goal of maximum penetration of power of renewable origin And thus diversify the energy mix and renewable energies of domestic and industrial application, including the Self-consumption, with subsidies policies to these sectors.

As well as to continue promoting the innovation program of Canarias Geo innovation program 2020-2030 which considers the Canary Islands as an area of special interest to become a European centre for integration, testing, certification, Launching, operation, control and maintenance of high altitude pseudosatelitales platforms.

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