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Private Coinvestment program in entrepreneurial or innovative projects through participatory loans from the company

With this program, the Canary Islands Government promotion company, will coinvest up to an amount of €500,000 or 50 of investment with accredited private investors and through participatory loans, in projects developed by entrepreneurs or SMES Innovative both local and foreign investors, who want to invest in this type of projects in the Canary Islands and are in its initial stages, start-up or expansion.

The company will coinvest with accredited investors that demonstrate investment capacity, experience in this type of process as well as arranging technical and human resources for investment analysis. The investor accreditation process will be open until December 31, 2014.

Companies must certify their relationship with the technological parks of the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria or Tenerife)

Object of the call

Selection of projects developed by innovative SMEs for investment purposes in the Canary Islands in its initial stages, start-up or expansion


Participatory loan program aimed at coinvesting with private investors accredited in the Coinvestment program, in projects of entrepreneurs or innovative companies.


5 million euros.


SMEs complying with the conditions of the Commission recommendation of 6 May 2003 (2003/361/EC) on the definition of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and which are also considered innovative, as such, those which make Projects consisting of innovations in products, processes, marketing or organization and that demonstrate their relationship with the network of technological parks of the Canary Islands.

Deadline for submission

Until 31 December 2015


In a telematic way to the following address: coinversión@sodecxan.es