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Discover SME instrument (Horizon 2020)

Since last March 3rd, proposals can be presented to the SME instrument, a mechanism under the protection of the Horizon 2020 specifically designed to finance the complete innovation cycle in SMES, from the conception of the idea (phase (I) to Marketing (phase III), through a plan of execution and demonstration (phase II). In phase I, the exploration of the scientific or technical viability and commercial potential of the idea is financed, with the aim of developing an innovative project. Phase II finances The development of the product, service or innovative process based on the idea explored in phase I. In phase III the marketing cycle is supported in order to successfully access the market. The thematics financed by this instrument are very open coinciding with the different social and thematic challenges of industrial leadership of Horizon 2020. The financing of phase I (feasibility Plan) will be €50,000 in the form of subsidy, while in phase II financing can be obtained for the 70 of the project costs, with the exception of the social health challenge which would finance the 100 of the costs in the form of sub Convention.