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The technological park signs an agreement with the European University

Signed collaboration agreements with the European University of Madrid, the European University of Valencia and the European University of the Canary Islands

Parque Tecnológico de Fuerteventura SA has signed two agreements with the European University of Madrid SLU, the European Professional Centre of Madrid, the European University of Valencia SLU, the European University of Canarias SLU and the technological park of Fuerteventura SA

The first is a framework agreement of collaboration which aims at: Realziación of external academic practices of students, training, studies and joint investigations, preparation and launching of joint projects for obtaining public financing and Private, collaboration in the field of incubators and nurseries of companies, collaborations with the entities located in the technological park, any other line of joint interest.

The second is a specific convention developing the Framework Convention for the Regulation of external CURRICULAR and extracurricular academic practices that students of the UNIVERSITY perform in PTFSA.

Neither of the two conventions implies economic obligations for Parque Tecnológico de Fuerteventura SA

These new agreements are added to those already signed with the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, the University of La Laguna, the Universidad Polítécnica de Catalunya, the Carlos III University of Madrid, the Complutense University of Madrid, the International University of Andalucia and the Chamber of Commerce of Fuertevnetura.

In the transparency section of PTF SA, the contents of these agreements are available.